April Spiral

Wrote this on April 15th.

Life puts you on a roller coaster even if you never waited in line for the ride. For the past 5 months, it felt as if the world was spinning out of control in all directions. All of a sudden I didn’t know what to do or who I was or what was it that I wanted to achieve, not for anyone else but myself. I reached my goals for my family and helped them stand up on their two feet. I reached to a financial stability and had a cushion in my accounts, shouldn’t I be happy? So why else was I lost…

It took months of self-reflection, self-doubt, and self-questioning of what I wanted out of life and was trying to find another sense of purpose did I finally decided to quit my current job without a back up plan. A huge leap of faith into the unknown. 

For those that knows me knows that this is totally out of my character, I would never do anything without a back up plan or that I would take a risk like this. Then again, I’m also super impulsive and make crazy executive decisions in a heart beat at times. 

So long story short, I decided to travel to Asia for a bit. I’m taking my mom to China to visit my grandmother, they haven’t seen each other for almost 20 years. While I’m there I might or not might have time to explore but I will be going to Bali and getting my 200 hours Yoga Teaching Training with Power of Yoga Oasis! I have been wanting to get certified for 4 years and finally I will have time to do so! 

I’ve decided that after all these years of hard work and constantly thinking about what I wanted to do or had passion for, I’ve decided I’m going to take a break and invest in myself, for my mental health, my well being and my soul. 🙏🏼

I’m excited to start this new chapter and I hope you guys embark on this new journey with me.


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