Full Moon…

(“Deepened Forward Launch” – enhances flexibility in the hips as well as inner thighs. Arms above your head, focus on balance. )

I was driving to work around 5am in the morning, a glimpse of the moon shined down through my windshield. I was memorized for a good few seconds, I could’t look away. It was beautiful. Big and bright, lit up half of the sky.

It’s moments like this that takes you breath away, when you pause everything around you and focus on that beauty. It captures your full attention. Of course it was only a few seconds because I was driving and I had to quickly look back on the road. But that glance stayed with me, I kept wanting to just stop and stare back at the moon. It sat so peacefully in the sky, lighting up the pathway, guiding us to our destination. It was a moment that made me realize just how beautiful Mother Nature is and all that she provides.

Listening to the radio as I sped away, “I took a pill” by Mike Posner came on. I was almost to my job and all these emotions came rushing inside of me. I felt the lyrics of the song. I felt the pain and abuse evolved from this cruel world. I don’t know if its because it is only 5:30am in the morning, or is it because there’s no one on the road, or is it the full moon. I felt tears rushing to my eyes. I substituted his “sad songs” to “sad souls” because we, a lot of us, are sad souls. We reach for the impossible, we test our limitations, we fill ourselves with materialistic items to blur out the ugliness we feel inside. The song touched my soul that morning for the first time.

It’s very different when you are enjoying music and just jamming along. When a song touches your heart, you feel the story behind their lyrics. You appreciate talent, music, much much more.

Mike Posner has always been one of my favorite artists back in middle school. It makes you wonder where they been all these years. It also brought back memories of my best friend in middle school, I first heard of his songs at her house. We grew in love with his music together. It’s amazing what music can do, bring back memories, events, even people back in your life for a brief moment. Music is much more powerful than we think.

Music is magic.



p.s. As I am writing this entry I realized the version on the radio was a remix and I can’t believe this is the first time I am hearing the original song, which is beyond amazing. 


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