My Purpose

(Mountain Pose– To be grounded, to feel the pull of gravity towards the center of Earth. Focus on your breathing, relax and allow your mind to be free of thoughts. Grow your tree branches as you grasp the energy within your body.)


What’s your purpose? 

A simple question yet requires in depth thinking. How do we answer that question? How do we define our purpose, what are some adjectives we can borrow. As a matter of fact, what do they mean purpose? So many questions originate from that word.

My purpose in life? Well, I’m still thinking of it  and after 25 years I somewhat found my answer. It kind of came to me a few month ago, super random, by coincidence even, I was having a casual conversation with my friend and we were describing quality traits of each other. One of the traits that I get quite often is that I am an inspiring and a positive influence on others. I have met many people through the years from old and new, people have described me as inspirational. I felt very honored every time I hear that because in such a short amount of time they’ve known me or even just met me, how did I inspire them? What was it about my story that touched theirs.

Then it just clicked.

I have found my purpose in life: to not only be an inspirational individual but to also spread positivity and joy to those around me.

So simple, yet so hard to figure it out. I am extremely passionate about having a positive outlook on life. I have always been a very happy person, always smiling and looking on the bright side of things because I believe that eventually life will take its course, things will just fall in place as they should. (Obviously I have also been depressed, hence my previous entries, I am also human). But this doesn’t mean that I sit around and wait for it to happen, I wanted to make sure that I succeed in what I do. It makes me feel happy when I help others or know that my story can inspire others to better themselves. It’s a beautiful genuine feeling filled with sincerity. I try to do everything wholeheartedly, life is too short for what ifs, buts, the endless excuses that we make up to cover our lazy self. It doesn’t have to be that way. Prioritizing is Key. Many fail to grasp that concept. Sure, we can go with the flow but if you don’t put effort into something, how will it be great?

Simple analogy: if you don’t study for an exam, the likelihood of failing is very high, and you might just end up failing. Why set yourself for failure and not success? It’s not that hard to try, you just have to set yourself to it and just do it. Just do it. Believe in yourself and you will succeed. Success does not happen overnight. It will takes months, years, and that is okay, patience my friend. P a t i e n c e.

It brings me joy and excitement when I see my friends become successful in life. The saying, “it’s lonely at the top.” I want to do well, I want my friends to do well with me. After all, I want to enjoy life with those I care about.

Below is an article that intrigued me very much and I would like to share it with all of you. His words are very wise and makes a lot of sense. Putting things in perspective, take a look from his lens: “how you do something is how you do everything.”

Why Most People Will Never Be Successful

Another video below that is worth a few minutes…

Time is Precious 





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