Escape to Tulum

Seated in a lotus pose with my legs crossed in front of me, I  lay my hands softly on my knee, taking a deep inhalation and pushing exhalation. I sit on the edge of my mat with my eyes closed.

I can feel the cool summer breeze brushing against my skin

I can see the rays of sunshine through my eye lids

I can hear the crashing waves in the vast ocean.

I can taste the salt in the tropical air.

I  regain my focus back to my breath…taking a deep inhalation and pushing exhalation through my nose, noticing the expansion of my lungs, sending love to all my internal organs, and feeling graceful for another day of life.

I  sent all my positive energy to all my family and loved ones.

I appreciate you all.

Tutum was such a magical and surreal place. There was nothing in the middle of the jungle and boom, there was a strip of beautiful hotels built on a pile of sand by the ocean. The soft white sand along the coast seemed endless. Streets were semi paved. You can tell the small community was developing each day, expanding, and growing. It was filled with happy greetings and positive energy. It was a place of love, healing and wanderers. I     had the honor to practice yoga at a few beautiful, breathtaking spaces. I was lost of words, I was beyond amazed, speechless at the scenery. This place with barely any cellular service, mini jungle by the beach with the most intricate architecture and design I have ever seen, I just fell in love with this little world inside a big big world.


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