Joy in helping others…

(Mediation- variation pose having the hands to your heart center allowing your mind to focus and concentrate on your breaths. Mediation is to bring awareness to your surroundings.) 


Whenever I come across an interesting or useful article I tend to share it with my friends on social media. It’s pretty amazing what you can find online. All topics, all ideas, that will feed to all curiosities. Sometimes you read a story and it really touches your heart, I have the urge to share it with everyone so that they can feel the joy that came across my face after reading it. Today I shared an article about interviewing/negotiating skills for a job position which I personally found very helpful. One of my friends actually messaged me and thanked me for sharing. She was offered a position and is going to be interviewing very soon. She said the article was very helpful. A simple message made me very happy. I was glad that article can apply to her daily life.

It’s the little things in life that we do that can bring joy to us. It doesn’t have to be winning  a title, receiving a present, getting an reward to make a person’s day. I really appreciated the little thank you note from her because it made me really happy that I did something that helped her out.

Here’s a challenge for you all, do something that will make someone smile, a favor, a hug, even a helping hand. See how that makes you feel. You might be surprised at the result. Sometimes it is much more rewarding than what we think…

If you want to read the article, here is the link Negotiating Your Salary…

Lots of Love (lol),


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