My Yoga Journey…


(“Mermaid Pose” – A flow after the pigeon pose. A deeper stretch in the hamstrings and quads. Concentration in keeping balance.)


I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years as part of my fitness routine whenever I go to the gym which wasn’t very often. It wasn’t until I moved down to Orlando from NYC that I started practicing yoga seriously, at least 2 or 3 times a week. Yoga is an interesting practice to me because you either fall in love with it or it just brushes by you. When I used to take yoga I think of it as stretching and I try to “relax” myself but I’ve always thought it was very slow and I ended up not wanting to go back. When I moved down to Orlando my doctor recommended me to take yoga to release my stress and focus on my breathing, simply to learn how to decompress. So I gave it a try, it wasn’t easy at first because there are so many things to do in a day, how can I make time for class? Even though it was difficult I made a mental decision that I will stick it out.

Soon, practice became easier, I learned to slow my pace and really appreciate my body for all its abilities. We can walk, run, bend, move our bodies any way we like yet we take those abilities for granted. We need to appreciate and to be grateful that we can do all the movements. We should honor our bodies and focus on relaxing the heart after a stressful day. We shall be mindful of our surroundings and be thankful for each day. I didn’t just find yoga, yoga also found me.

Lots of Love (lol),


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