Gratitude Journal Entry

Namaste friends! My name is Danii and I am a certified yoga instructor. I received my YTT200 hour training in Bali, Indonesia, with Power of Now Oasis. I have been practicing yoga for over 8 years, I want to share my love of yoga by teaching students that are passionate about health and well being. [...]


Take Me to Nirvana

"Happiness cannot be traveled to. owned, early, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."         - Denis Waitley       Photo by Ehsan Zarrin

Living in the Moment

(Warrior/ Virabhadrasana III - A true balancing pose with full focus and concentration of the mind, body and soul. Also one of the hardest warrior poses. It strengthens your thigh muscles, core, as well as your shoulders and arms. An easy transition from the mountain pose with feet grounded towards the earth, when ready focus [...]

Me Before You

(Three legged downward dog - raising your leg from a downward dog, stretching your inner thighs and opening your hips. Pressing down on your mat deepens your arm and back stretch)   Funny thing about writers is that when something hits you hard, it stays in your mind and you feel the need to express, [...]

Juxtaposing random thoughts…

(Reaching for the impossible. It took me a long time to reach to a full split and even so some days I cannot. That's what life is like, if you don't focus on your goals you will face challenges and get distracted, which is okay but remember to take a break, relax, rejuvenate and get [...]

My Purpose

(Mountain Pose- To be grounded, to feel the pull of gravity towards the center of Earth. Focus on your breathing, relax and allow your mind to be free of thoughts. Grow your tree branches as you grasp the energy within your body.)   What’s your purpose?  A simple question yet requires in depth thinking. How [...]

Sharing is Empowering…

(Pigeon Pose- Helps increase mobility in your legs and hips. Deeper stretch in the inner  groin, thigh, and hips. Small backward bend and push your torso up with your arms to open heart center. This is one of my favorite yoga poses.) I want to take this moment to thank everyone for their feedback on [...]

& it began with…

(Child's Pose- a resting pose where you release all tensions in your body with your forehead to the ground. A safe haven in yoga.) March 2, 2015 is the date I officially moved down to Orlando, Florida with my family from the Big Apple. New York City has been my home ever since I came [...]

Sunday Funday…

What a peaceful and beautiful Sunday afternoon. I decided to venture my way to my community backyard by the little pond to read my new book, a wonderful gift called "Zen and the Art of Happiness" by Chris Prentiss. I just received it this morning and was excited to start reading. My room on the other [...]

Joy in helping others…

(Mediation- variation pose having the hands to your heart center allowing your mind to focus and concentrate on your breaths. Mediation is to bring awareness to your surroundings.)    Whenever I come across an interesting or useful article I tend to share it with my friends on social media. It's pretty amazing what you can [...]