Me Before You

(Three legged downward dog - raising your leg from a downward dog, stretching your inner thighs and opening your hips. Pressing down on your mat deepens your arm and back stretch)   Funny thing about writers is that when something hits you hard, it stays in your mind and you feel the need to express, [...]


My Purpose

(Mountain Pose- To be grounded, to feel the pull of gravity towards the center of Earth. Focus on your breathing, relax and allow your mind to be free of thoughts. Grow your tree branches as you grasp the energy within your body.)   What’s your purpose?  A simple question yet requires in depth thinking. How [...]

Sunday Funday…

What a peaceful and beautiful Sunday afternoon. I decided to venture my way to my community backyard by the little pond to read my new book, a wonderful gift called "Zen and the Art of Happiness" by Chris Prentiss. I just received it this morning and was excited to start reading. My room on the other [...]

My Yoga Journey…

("Mermaid Pose" - A flow after the pigeon pose. A deeper stretch in the hamstrings and quads. Concentration in keeping balance.)   I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years as part of my fitness routine whenever I go to the gym which wasn't very often. It wasn't until I moved down [...]