Juxtaposing random thoughts…

(Reaching for the impossible. It took me a long time to reach to a full split and even so some days I cannot. That’s what life is like, if you don’t focus on your goals you will face challenges and get distracted, which is okay but remember to take a break, relax, rejuvenate and get back on track.)


Sometimes you just want to write, to vent, to speak the thoughts in your head out loud. Well they are loud in my head so I feel the need to let them escape. Why bottle things in when you can express them. Who knows, they might just turn out to be great ideas.

Here I am laying in my bed after a long 10 hour shift from my job. I realize that I have many desires about life and about myself. At times it feels overwhelming, a feeling I cannot quite explain thoroughly. I just have such high expectations of myself that I cannot learn to practice patience. Of course, I know I’m suppose to be patient and that my time will come, I will get my promotion, I just need to try my best and do well. However, sometimes I am my own enemy, possibly all the time. I inflict a lot of self pressure. Perhaps it’s habit, I cannot control it.

I’ve always known that I have a lot of desires and goals in life. 

So, while I have Orange is the New Black, season 4, which just came out recently, playing in the background, I was multitasking and browsing through Facebook. I come across a video on my newsfeed of a famous Asian singer name GEM. The song was mesmerizing, her voice was so strong and beautiful. I was immediately drawn to the song. I paused the show and allowed the music to consume me fully.

One of the features I like about Facebook is the related content that are linked to the first video you watch. I browsed through a few more Chinese songs, all beautifully performed. A major difference between American and Asian music is not only the style and lyrics but truly the meaning and value of a lifestyle. Chinese songs are extremely sentimental and emotional, it digs deep inside of you, forcing you to touch the untouchables. It brings flash backs and makes your mind wonder the what ifs and what could’ves. Not exactly the best remedy if you want to move on with your love life, that is. Although it is very calming, makes you stop and think for a minute about the past, present, and future. 

A few more videos, I came across a beautifully performed choreography by a 16 year old girl. She danced gracefully with power and sincerely. Then I clicked on the comments as I normally do and I was pretty blown away by the negativity. People these days are so judgmental and cynical. They can pretty much turn anything into a negative perspective. Why can’t we embrace the beautiful performance instead of some “inappropriate” dance moves and her age. I don’t understand why people would do that. She is so talented and is being hated on for no reason. It makes me sad to acknowledge the ignorance and arrogance from people hiding behind computers leaving nasty comments about other people they do not even know.

Oh, social media, how much joy, anger, pain, happiness you bring.

This entry is the result of much needed venting with a bunch of mixed emotions within 2 hours of the world wide web.

Since it is a juxtaposition of thoughts I might as well add…

…a long list of goals I have:

  • Yoga teaching certification
  • Be a life coach
  • Job promotion
  • Travel to Europe
  • Write a book
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Open a boutique store
  • Go on a cruise
  • Take piano lessons
  • Take dance classes
  • Learn how to sing
  • Do a split
  • Do a handstand/headstand
  • Buy another house
  • Own a car
  • Learn Self-care
  • Express my emotions
  • Workout
  • Get abs
  • Be Healthy
  • Pursuit happiness
  • Look and feel beautiful
  • Spread Positive energy
  • Make new friends
  • Go fishing
  • Make funny videos
  • Move to Hawaii


How’s this for random venting…as you can see, lots of things passes through my brain all the time. Ah… I feel much better now.

So tell me, what are some of your goals?

Join me on this adventure, embrace life to the fullest, do what makes you happy. What makes you smile…think about it… =)







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